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The story of Luna according to the Luna fans
The story of Luna according to the Luna fans
Once upon a time there was a wonderful pony princess of the night who was very sweet and kind talented and very powerful.
So was so wonderful that the only pony who didn't love her was her pure evil, weak, jealous older sister.
Her wicked sister banished the wonderful night princes to the surface of the moon with weapons called the elements of harmony so only she would be loved and spread lies about her having turned evil due to loneliness.
The Wonderful Sad princes stayed on the for a thousand years until on the night of the summer solstice the stars helped her escape and home.
When she got home she found out her evil sister had spread lies about her turning into a wicked mare of darkness called Nightmare Moon. So she made herself look like Nightmare Moon, she also changed her voice and speaking habits to fit how modern ponies imagined her. And when down to ponyvile and proclaimed that the night would last foreverand that they would never s
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Eagle-Eye Dash's daughter: Chapter 3
Chapter 4: A Cold new world.
As Rainbow Dash grew older she saw less and less of her father. He was rising through the ranks in the ministry of geography and this meant he spent more and more time away from home on expeditions to faraway lands. He wasn't even there when the family moved to Cloudsdale so they could be nearer to Canterlot, and also as Eagle-Eye put it. 'Seeing how she can't land without crashing she's probably safer in Cloudsdale than on the ground'.
For the first time in her life Rainbow Dash got meet other pegasi. And they were slow! It amazed her just .how slowly and carefully other pegasi flew, and it annoyed the hell out of her. "Maybe if you flew a little slower you wouldn't crash so much" her father observed coldly
"But I don't" Rainbow started
"No excuses!" Eagle-Eye cut over her. "Yes sir" Rainbow muttered meekly, somewhere along the line she had started calling her Father 'Sir'. She didn't't like it much.
… … … … … … … …
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Eagle-Eye Dash's daughter: part 2
Chapter 3
A precocious little foal
The years rolled on by and as Eagle-Eye had said Rainbow Dash grew into a remarkable foal. By the time she was old enough to read from 'A Heart-warming eve tail' (a popular Equestrian foal's picture book) she could fly up to the clouds for a swim without any help. Landing was another matter. Infinity would often have to catch her to make sure she didn't hurt herself. As far as Rainbow Dash could remember they were happy quite days when she could fly anywhere she wanted and could nap for as long as she needed. She had an odd impression of her father. He spent most of his time in his study and she was never aloud to bother him she knew he drew maps and wrote stuff down on but didn't know (or care) what it was. There was a strict set of rules in the house which Eagle-Eye made sure that Rainbow  never broke. Never fly inside the house, no staying up after six, don't touch anything that doesn't belong to you and never go into father study when he
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Eagle-Eye Dash's daughter: part 1
Eagle-Eye Dash's daughter
Chapter 1: An auspicious birth
Eagle-Eye Dash was reading an old book of records. Towns had come into being and vanished over time, and the map makers who job it was to chronicle the towns and cities of Equestria gave little thought to the other map makers or maps of the past, causing an endless amount contradictions and misinformation. This made it difficult to say what towns had been built or abandoned at what time without finding ever map ever made and reading every town chronic ever written, but if he had to Eagle-Eye Dash would do just that.
But right now he couldn't make himself pay attention. He had been re-reading the exact same passage over and over again with really noticing. In the next room his wife Infinity was giving birth to their first child. He tired hard not to think about it the mid-wife they had gotten had been recommended by a colt that Eagle-eye had the highest respect for so surly nothing would go wrong. And as a simple but ambitious map
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Sexy Celestia~ by Boman100
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Really quite Excellent on all fronts. there are a few minor niggles, nothing to worry about. here is how I would rate this. (Ok I hope ...

  • Listening to: The beatles
  • Reading: bit and pieces of of fantasy fiction
  • Watching: Let's play "I have no mouth and I must scream"
  • Playing: Clive Barker's Undying
My first journal

Well today I published a new chapter of my Fanfic (please comment c: ) what I'm thinking about is a let's play for an old game from 1995 called "I have no mouth and I must scream"
It's a broken sword style puzzle game based on a short story Harlan Ellison, the angriest man in America. He's written for Star Trek, The Outer limits, the Twilight Zone, Babylon 5 and the Incredible Hulk. He's also sued every one including James Cameron.
"I have no mouth and I must scream" is possibly the darkest thing I have ever watched, and I own an uncut copy of Cannibal Holocaust. I say dark here not disgusting. There's nastier stuff out there (human centipede, ugh) but this is really dark on a thematic and narrative level and unlike most "dark" stuff genuinely  smart and mature (in the proper sense of that word)
It's set after WWIII and now there are only five humans left who have kept alive for 109 years by AM. a n all powerful and all-knowing supercomputer who only pleasure is tormenting the remaining humans.

If you think you can take it give it a watch, it not just horrible it's one of the most unique stories I've ever come across.…

Or who knows maybe you can point me the direction of something even darker (that isn't porn or torture porn thank you)

Safe travels ;)



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I was born. I didn't have any say in the matter. now I'm trying to make the best of a bad job.



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